a novel by

Fred Ledley

The Story

The launch of Sputnik in October 1957, at the height of the baby boom, put in motion events that would give rise to an age of technology and fundamentally alter society and faith. Jackie is Sputnik’s Child, and her story is that of a generation that came of age through the turbulence of the 1960s, the Age of Aquarius, the “Me” Decade, and times of social malaise and irrational exuberance. This is the story of those who were influenced by race riots, the Vietnam War, and Woodstock, those inspired by astronauts reading Genesis as they orbited the moon and walked on its surface for the first time, the drama of Apollo 13, the promise of Christa McAuliffe and the Challenger, and those who were impacted by the rapid emergence of technology.  Sputnik’s Child is an engaging and thought-provoking novel that chronicles the lives of familiar characters against the sweep of history. Through Jackie, her friends, and their experiences, readers will experience the events that guided the baby boomer generation and gave rise to an age of technology. This is a story for those who have faith that science and technology will improve the quality of life or provide cures for afflictions as well as those for whom the promise of technology remains unfulfilled and question whether the potential of technology truly justifies their faith.

Excerpts from Sputnik's Child available on the web



Excerpts posted by the American Association of Colleges & Universities. An excerpt of Sputnik's Child is available on the web site of the American Association of Colleges and Universities, part of a set of materials from a workshop titled "The Sputnik Moment, then and now" prsented at the AAC&U national meeting in January. This exerpt describes the historical context of Sputnik and the subsequent events that woule shap Jackie's world . Read the excerpt here


"Sneak Peak" posted by Indies Unlimited.  Indies Unlimited has posted an excerpt from the penultimate chapter of Sputnik's Child.  In this dramatic scene, Jackie is confronted with the question of her faith. Read the "sneak peak" here